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27 OCTOBER 2023

We are so excited you will be joining us on our latest adventure.


Our Story

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Our story began on January 29th, 2016 in Belo Horizonte. Barbara and her friend Julie were on vacation to visit Fernanda, a friend that turned out to be the Cupid of this relationship.


On the second day of the trip, Fernanda wanted to show Julie and Barbara the typical Brazilian Capoeira at a local spot in Savassi/Belo Horizonte. Pedro was there as one of the capoeiristas and that's how we first met. 

The following days Pedro accompanied Fernanda, Julie and Barbara around the State of Minas Gerais. They went to see a beautiful waterfall in Rio Acima and the historical city of Ouro Preto. The following Sunday Pedro invited everyone for a  Sunday afternoon churrasco at his parent's and later we went out to dance Forró.

After about a week it was time to say goodbye. It was clear for us that we had a connection and that we wanted to stay in touch. We texted, called, skyped and wrote letters for months, but we didn’t really think a relationship was possible until Pedro decided to start a master's degree in Bologna, Italy.

He arrived in Italy on September 17th and on the 1st of October Barbara went to Bologna to see him and that is when our relationship started. On the 20th of July 2022 we got engaged in Trancoso: a perfect place to start our marriage.


The Details

Oct 27, 2023, 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM GMT-3
Igreja São João Batista (Quadrado),
Trancoso, Porto Seguro - BA, 45810-000, Brazilië
Can you make it?

Getting There


The nearest airport is the international airport of Porto Seguro and can be reached from the capital of Bahia, Salvador, or directly from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.


From other Brazilian capitals, there are connections available through the three cities that offer direct flights.

The transfer from Porto Seguro Airport to Trancoso takes about an hour including a ferry crossing. 


Upon arrival at Porto Seguro airport, we recommend taking an Uber to the ferry. The Uber, from the airport to the ferry, costs about 3 USD.  The ferry from the center of Porto Seguro to Arraial d'Ajuda costs 2 USD a person.

The ferry rides can only be payed in cash.

Below you can find the hours of the ferry:

Horário de travessia das balsas - Porto Seguro - Arraial d'Ajuda | Site da cidade (


On the other side of the river (after the ferry-ride) there are several vans that can take you to Trancoso, every 30 minutes or so, at an average cost of 6 USD pp. The ride, from Arraial to Trancoso, takes about 50 minutes.


For those arriving in group it is  worthwhile to hire a cab service from Porto Seguro airport directly to Trancoso. This trip costs around 20 USD pp.


If you want to make use of the cab service, we reccomend : Arraial Trip Experience.

Contact Taxi airport - Trancoso :

Whatsapp Paulo: +55 73 9987 7316

To reserve your ride you can write directly to Paulo and say that you're going to Trancoso for the wedding of Barbara & Pedro. He'll ask for your flight details to make sure someone is waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival. If mutiple guests arrive at the same time, Paulo will make a van available so the price will be to your advantage.


Car (max 4 p) - R$330,00

(around 60 euros)

Van (max 11 p) - R$600,00

(around 110 euros)

Van (max 15 p) - R$750,00

(around 140 euros)

You will be able to pay by debit/credit card and cash.

Staying there



The prices in the center of Trancoso - the famous Quadrado - are generally quite high. Our tip is to look for pousadas (The Brazilian version of a family hotel) a little further away from Quadrado, where prices are more affordable. An alternative would be to look for pousadas in Arraial d'Ajuda, a beautiful village located about 20 km from Trancoso. In Arrail there are vans that regularly make the transfer to Trancoso.

Renting a house in Trancoso

For those who prefer to rent a house in Trancoso, we recommand you to contact Luciana from Trancoso/4U.




Restaurants in Trancoso

Capim Santo / Jacaré/ Floresta/ Aki Sushi/ Flô/ Alegria/ Bonito

Tours in Trancoso

Ceramica Cala e Divino (class) / walk through the forest and animal sighting at RPPN / bikes -fat bikes along the beach

Renting a car

Trancoso Locadora de Veículos 

R. Tancredo Neves, 155 - Centro

Tel : +55 73 3668-2259

Hair & MakeUp

Michelle Tavares. Instagram: @michelletavaresmakeup

Tips for Arraial d'Ajuda?  

We recommend the Instagram of Nanda : @casaamadadabahia

Tips for payment in Brazil:

To avoid unnecessary extra fees in your regular credit card, we strongly recommend you to request a card with an online bank such as Wise, Revolut. This will also allow you to withdraw from an ATM in Brazil.

Once you open your account, you can request your debit card and it will arrive within few days.


Don't hesitate to contact us!

Barbara and Pedro


Sound on for wedding vibes


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